Lead Organizations

UWCSEA_colour_127The UWCSEA learning programme provides a breadth of opportunity that enables learners to develop the skills and qualities of the UWCSEA profile. The profile is derived from our mission and supported by current research in education. Through the development of these skills and qualities, members of our community lead by example, embrace challenge and take responsibility for shaping a better world. While each skill and quality is identified separately, they are interconnected and impact each other. Lear more.

21CL21st Century Learning International supports K-12 schools in the effective use of technology for learning, teaching and administrative operations. Our mission at 21CLI is Building Communities of Learners and we achieve this by providing conferences and workshops, online communities, bespoke consulting services, and educational research. Learn more.

Conference Team

Caroline Meek

Caroline Meek

Director of the Centre for International Education at UWCSEA
Ben Morgan

Ben Morgan

Director of IT at UWCSEA

Justin Hardman

Director of 21st Century Learning
Graeme Deuchars

Graeme Deuchars

Director of 21st Century Learning
Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

Assistant Director of Learning Technologies

Conference Committees


  • Nicole Tripp
  • Helen Gamble
  • Eric Lyman
  • Jacqueline Benson
  • Lucy Twigger
  • Julie Dale
  • Sarah Aldous
  • Noah Katz


  • Olivia White
  • Erin Bellivue
  • Ian Tymms
  • Angela Erickson
  • Kate Levy
  • Vanessa Wiseman
  • Damian Ballantine
  • Cris Turple
  • Tricia Friedman
  • Wendy Jones
  • Alison Forrow