Steve Leinwand

Principal Research Analyst at AIR

Steve Leinwand is a Principal Research Analyst at AIR and has over 35 years of leadership positions in mathematics education.  He currently serves as mathematics expert on a wide range of AIR projects that turn around schools, improve adult education, evaluate programs, develop assessments and provide technical assistance.

Leinwand’s work at AIR has included leadership and change instigator in AIR’s school turnaround work and various publications.

In addition, Leinwand has provided school and district-level support and technical assistance for the General Electric Foundation’s Ensuring Futures in Education project and the Microsoft Math Partnership

Conference Sessions:


Practical Ideas and Resources for Making Math Stimulating for the Top 20%

This fast-paced, example-laden all-day workshop will focus on how best to enrich a mathematics curriculum for able students by going deeper instead of going faster.  We’ll model a range of strategies for adjusting tasks and sharpening our questions.  We’ll also explore a range of on-line resources that provide great fodder for enrichment and effective differentiation.


Building Our Own Professional To-Do List for Math for the 2018-19 School Year

I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to teach, co-teach and/or observe nearly 700 mathematics lessons over the past 6 years.  These experiences have given my an incredible opportunity to see some amazingly effective and some distressingly awful teaching and learning of mathematics.  Using this data base on observations, this fast-paced presentation reviews and models a set of research-affirmed practices that I don’t see in place as consistently as needed and that might form the foundation for each of our own personal to-do lists for the 2018-19 school year.

60 Minute Workshop

The Power of Gradual Release in Nearly Everything We Teach in Math

Teachers have known for years the power of gradual release when teaching reading.  It’s time to apply this powerful strategy to mathematics.  In this workshop we’ll look at using the gradual release strategy on word problems, data tables, graphs, patterns and geometric figures – all in support of generating higher levels of interest and motivation.

90 Minute Workshop

Practical Strategies for Making Math More Accessible for All Students

During this workshop, we’ll describe, justify and model a set of easy-to-implement, high-leverage instructional practices that increase engagement, foster motivation and raise achievement.  We’ll look at what we do in reading that must be transferred to mathematics, using multiple representations, embedding cumulative review, building language rich classrooms and always asking “why?”