Carl Anderson

Author and Literacy Consultant

Carl Anderson is one of the leading experts on teaching writing to students in grades K-12 in the United States. Originally an elementary and middle school teacher, Carl now works as a consultant in schools in the United States and internationally.  He’s the author of How’s It Going?, Assessing Writers, and Strategic Writing Conferences.  Carl’s new book, Conferring with Student Writers, will be published this fall.  Carl spends most of his days in classrooms with teachers and students, where he concentrates on helping teachers learn to have effective writing conferences that change students’ lives as writers.

Conference Sessions:

Preconference Workshop

Using Mentor Texts to Teach Students the Qualities of Writing (K-8)

In this workshop, Carl Anderson will discuss the how-to’s of using mentor texts to teach students to write powerfully.  Carl will explain the whys of using mentor texts, how to find appropriate mentor texts, how to analyze mentor texts in any genre for potential teaching points, and how to integrate mentor texts into mini-lessons and writing conferences.   The day will include many hands-on activities in which participants will get experience with studying mentor texts, and role-playing teaching points that use mentor texts.


 The Optimistic Writing Teacher

In this keynote, Carl will discuss approximation in student writing.  He’ll explain how recognizing student approximations is a key to giving them appropriate feedback about their writing, and deciding what exactly to teach them.

1.5 hour workshop

Conferring with Student Writers

In this workshop, Carl will discuss how to lead effective writing conferences with students.  He’ll explain key conferring concepts, discuss the teacher’s role in a writing conference and strategies for helping students play an active role in conferences, and answer the most frequently asked questions about managing conferences in a classroom.    Throughout the workshop, Carl will show videos of writing conferences which he will use to show participants numerous conferring “moves”  to help them envision how to confer successfully with their students.

One for K-2 teachers and the other for 3-8 if you want to differentiate them some

1 hour workshop

Five Steps You Can Take to Integrate Mentor Texts Into Your Writing Conferences and Mini-lessons

In this workshop, Carl will give an overview of how to use mentor texts as you teach writing.  He’ll explain how to identify potential mentor texts, analyze them for potential teaching points, and use them in your conference and mini-lesson teaching points.

One for K-2 teachers and the other for 3-8