Learn from Stefanie at full-day pre-conference workshop—Library Pre-Conference: Disruption, Culture & The Future 

Stefanie Gaspari

Director of Library Services at Trinity Grammar School

Stefanie is an eternal optimist, a passionate educator and self-confessed bookworm.

An advocate for ‘all things library’, she is curious about big ideas, learning spaces and the future of information in the digital age.

Stefanie currently leads a cross-campus library team in designing collaborative teaching and learning projects and providing innovative information services to students and staff at Trinity Grammar School, Sydney.

An accredited secondary school teacher, with experience in the public library services and school library environments, Stefanie’s passions for people and information architecture stem from almost a decade working within human resources, organisational design and change management prior to her career in education.

She recently participated in Library Leadership in a Digital Age at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and is currently completing a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Sydney.

Stefanie does not believe in the dictionary definition of ‘library’, but rather that the library serves as a platform for innovation, community building, knowledge creation, and life-long learning.

She can be found on twitter @stefaniegaspar

Rethinking Reflection in the Research Process (1hr workshop)

In many schools the word ‘research’ is synonymous with ‘library’. Whilst there is no magic formula to teach research skills, the library team at Trinity Grammar School have successfully designed and implemented a ‘Research Wheel’ targeted at helping students become confident with the research process. This workshop outlines the teaching and learning tools for each of the seven stages of research, with a particular focus on the value of the final stage, reflection. 

Creating and Using Rubrics to Promote Academic Scholarship (1hr workshop)

Upholding the principles of academic honesty are the right and responsibility of all students and staff with a school. Rubrics are a useful tool to assess student skills and track growth. This workshop focuses on how classroom teachers and librarians can work together to create and use rubrics to promote a culture of academic scholarship and guide students on developing academic research and referencing skills. 

Building a School Culture of Reading through the Library (1.5 hr workshop)

What does your school do to increase students’ reading engagement? The benefits of reading for pleasure have been overwhelmingly reported in educational research and have the potential to fundamentally change educational outcomes. This workshop shares the design and preliminary findings of a research mapped curriculum project currently underway at a Trinity Grammar School aimed at increasing student reading engagement and building a positive reading culture.