Fran Watson

Primary Professional Development Coordinator, NRICH

Fran was a maths teacher for 13 years before she joined the NRICH team 3 years ago. She has worked in middle, upper, lower, secondary and primary schools and is passionate about problem solving and sharing her enthusiasm for mathematics in general. Despite having taken a slightly scenic route to a career in the classroom, via an engineering degree and jobs at Techniquest and the British Science Association, she loves the interesting variety provided by working with teachers and children in her role as NRICH’s primary PD lead.

Extended Workshop: NRICH Interactivities Workshop

In this workshop delegates will explore a range of the interactivities and virtual environments available on the NRICH website (from updated classics to our latest publications) and consider how these can be used to support particular problem-solving tasks or offered as a space for children to conjecture, generalise, visualise and develop their mathematical thinking.  

1 Hour Workshop: NRICH - Low Threshold High Ceiling Workshop

In this workshop delegates will have the opportunity to work on low threshold high ceiling tasks from the NRICH website, which can be simply thought of as providing opportunities for everyone to get started and everyone to get stuck!  We will explore ways of creating a classroom culture that nurtures confident and competent mathematicians and discuss the (sometimes unexpected) heights all children can achieve when the ceiling is raised.

1 Hour Workshop: NRICH - Supporting Children to Become Expert Reasoners Workshop

Reasoning is fundamental to knowing and doing mathematics but when do we reason, what does reasoning ‘look like’ and how can we help children get better at it?  In this session we will work on tasks from the NRICH website that invite us to reason in different ways and for different purposes, and through these consider how to support all children in becoming expert reasoners.