Learn from Dr. Claire at full-day pre-conference workshop—21st Century Skills Assessment Masterclass

Dr. Claire Scoular

Senior Research Fellow
Australian Council for Educational Research

Dr. Scoular’s work focuses on the improvement of measurement practices in education. Her expertise is embedded in the application and statistical analysis of psychological measurement. Recent investigations have centered around measurement methodology and application for 21st century skills, including traditional and automated test delivery systems. Her work at the Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre involves leading projects in capacity building in relation to psychometrics. As a member of the Global Educational Monitoring centre at ACER, Dr Scoular contributes to establishing a model of good practice in assessment, particularly in developing countries. At the University of Melbourne, her PhD identified a measurement methodology and test design system for assessing collaboration in online automated environments. Dr Scoular gained her Masters Degree in research psychology from the University of Edinburgh and has experience working as a psychologist in diagnosis and intervention. Her experience in psychometric assessment, intervention work and research spans across the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. She has undertaken consultancies for the Brookings Institute (USA), People for Education (Canada), World Bank (Vietnam), and UNESCO.

A Framework for 21st Century Skills Assessment (1.5 hr workshop)

This workshop focuses on critical thinking, collaboration, and creative thinking, attendees will be guided through an assessment template, highlighting a problem-based learning approach to measuring and understanding growth within these complex skill sets. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of these skills, and take away methods for assessing students across grades and subject areas.

13 Steps to Identify Gaps and Ensure 21st Century Skills Integration into Education (1 hr workshop)

With an increasing emphasis on the holistically developed child, countries are seeking viable options for skills integration at a system level. Research has identified that many countries so far have first approached skills integration from a curricular base, with a few initiating assessment reform either simultaneously or after. This presentation outlines an approach to skills integration. With a focus on alignment of assessment, curriculum, and pedagogy, this presentation will outline 13 steps to identify gaps and ensure 21st century skills integration into an education system. Systems are using the alignment model for evaluation and implementation of 21st century skills. The steps will be outlined and outcomes from several countries will be highlighted. 

This workshop uses examples of whole countries efforts to integrate 21st century skills but there are lessons that apply from this work that transfer to work within individual schools.