Deborah Gibbs

Mathematics Coach, NIST International School

Deb is a Mathematics coach at NIST international school in Bangkok. She works with teachers and academic assistants in Elementary school. She also provides workshops for the parent community that help to keep them informed about the school curriculum and develop their own content knowledge. Prior to this role, she worked in teacher professional development in mathematics and statistics. She has presented many mathematics workshops covering a wide range of topics throughout New Zealand and Internationally. She is interested in using materials and mathematical discourse to develop students’ conceptual understanding.

Spatial Reasoning and Logical Thinking in Mathematics, Where Do They Fit? (1.5 hour)

This workshop will explore spatial reasoning, visualisation and logical thinking in mathematics. What are they and where do they fit in the curriculum?

During this hands-on workshop, we will explore a variety of spatial reasoning activities and games that help develop students spatial reasoning and visualisation ability. 

We will also explore how strategy games help develop student’s logical thinking. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to play some strategy games and formulate winning strategies. We will explore how strategy games can be  low-threshold, high- ceiling tasks.

The Development of Fractional Understanding(1 hour)

This workshop will look at the development of fractional understanding using materials. Through a variety of hands-on activities, we will explore the sub-constructs required for fractional understanding. An understanding of fractions requires students to connect several constructs. Activities to develop fractional number sense will also be explored.