Allison Forrow

Digital Literacy Coach, United World College of South East Asia

Alison has a history of 12 years in the classroom before moving in to her present role as Digital Literacy Coach at United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus. Teaching in the UK, Turkey, Indonesia and now in Singapore has added to her background and given her experience of a variety of grade levels in the Primary School. She is passionate about teaching and learning and helping those she works with to be their very best.

Along with her interest in technology integration Alison enjoys lifting heavy things at the gym.

demyISTEfying ISTE Standards

Every school has a digital story! Go beyond the tra-digital of using apps, gadgets, digital tools and design spaces to learn how to transform your pedagogical practices in the digital age. Using the ISTE frameworks, you can move technology integration from niche innovation to mainstream practice.This session will provide an understanding of how the ISTE Educator and Student Standards can help support practitioners in moving instructional technology systems from vision to practice. Participants will explore the ISTE Standards for Students and Educators with these guiding questions:
  • What are the ISTE Standards for Educators and Students?
  • How might the ISTE standards influence my practice as an educator?