What is reThinking Learning?

A summit about contemporary teaching with strands focused on literacy and numeracy. The event explores how these two core area of education are continuously evolving for for all K-12 learners and teachers in the 21st century. The conference features topic experts from around the world.

Event History

In 2016 United World College of South East Asia and 21st Century Learning developed a new conference. The reThinking Literacy conference sought to bring educators responsible for literacy together to learn about changing conceptions of literacy and how it might best be taught in the digital media age. In 2017 this conference was repeated and an additional event, reThinking Numeracy was added with a focus on Mathematics.

In 2018 these two conferences will be brought together under one roof as reThinking Learning. By combining the two conference, reThinking Learning aims to deliver a bigger and more exciting event. The carefully designed program will allow each conference community to maintain their own distinct identity within the overall summit while offering more extensive networking opportunities outside the formal sessions. For teachers who teach both subjects, such a primary teachers, there will be the opportunity to switch between events to choose the workshops that are of most interest and relevance.